Film Synopsis

In The Nest is a feature length documentary currently in production In the field of stream box.  It is an intimate character portrait of men and women striving for gender equality in Kenya and its postive effects within their family and community.

Gender injustice has a direct impact on children.  The status of women is directly related to the well being of children, and therefore children’s advocates must dig deeper to realize the real issue of gender inequality.

The film’s backdrop is The Nest, a unique home in Limuru, Kenya dedicated to the care and safety of children with imprisoned mothers.  They also rehabilitate recently released female inmates and reintegrate them with their children and society at large.

This documentary is an unprecedented and insightful view of the men and women who are championing the cause of gender equality.  Heartbreaking yet inspiring, In The Nest goes behind the African curtain of war, famine and disease, and presents a breathtaking view of the love, hope and joy that supports and surrounds those associated with The Nest.


Our Mission

Image result for film In The NestThe producers of this documentary, Kelley, Amanda, and Summer, partnered in March 2009 and launched Moirai Media LLC and android tv box canada.  The mission of their production shingle is to produce emotionally compelling entertainment with a focus on empowering women.

Moirai Media’s intent with this film is to inspire humanity to become a symbiotic world by supporting one another.  These three producers are sisters who experienced a tragic loss at a young age.   In 1988, their mother was murdered by their stepfather leaving them to fend for themselves and build their own nest.   They know first hand the emotional turbulence and heart-breaking trauma that go along with having one’s mother taken away.   Their experience of growing up motherless is what has drawn them to The Nest and helping these children get a second chance.

By shedding light on the issues of women’s inequality and its consequences on children, the filmmakers wish for this project to be a catalyst to ignite global change on gender injustice.


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