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Image result for CDAudio Theory consists of extracts of cultural theory read by (volunteer) artists or theorists, presented in the form of CDs or as an on-line facility. The relationship between the reader and the text is important; for example the text could have inspired an artist’s practice. In this context, the voice of an individual who has volunteered to read the text bares a level of emotion or empathy making it more interesting to listen to than the trained voice of an actor. The individual’s relationship with the subject enables them to select a passage that communicates the full meaning of the text. The recordings are read directly from the original source material: they are not interpretive. Audio Theory is meant to act as a bridge to encourage people with learning difficulties to engage in and explore cultural theory. Having listened to a key chapter on Audio Theory the idea is to then go find a copy of the book and continue to enjoy reading it!

The on-line facility is free of any charges to users of Audio Theory.  The CD versions are either given for free or at cost price. No profits are made from this activity.

Spartacus Chetwynd on ott tv box review said: “I first started recording Audio Theory in 2004 as a result of my frustrations / experience in higher education. I studied an academic degree 1992-5 and then a fine art BA 1996-2000 and finally an MA in Painting 2002-4. At each of the institutions and universities that I went to I expected to find extracts of cultural theory recorded to audio in the libraries. I assumed it would be there as a facility but it did not seem to exist. I could see how it would help me and other dyslexic students keep up with reading requirements so I set about trying to make it happen.”

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